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Due to the unexpectedly high volume of visa enquiries from abroad, we are now only sponsoring visa candidates within the UK in need of changing their current visas. Should this situation change in the near future, all the candidates registered in A1 HR platform will receive an update by email. Thank you for your understanding.

Our vision A1 Agency / A1 Care UK

At A1 Care, we want to provide added value to our clients.

To do this, we firmly believe that we must listen attentively to our employees and our clients' requirements.

We have two primary goals.
  • To provide the best care service.
    We do this by assessing and knowing exactly what type of care our clients require to help them live a happy, safe and comfortable life.

  • To employ and train the best care workers in care roles.
    We do this by training each employee in-house with our bespoke training system. We don't require experience for our UK citizens applying for a job. However, If you are in need of a visa sponsorship, you must have domiciliary health care qualifications and experience. This is because of the high number of visa applications we receive and because of the visa sponsorship requirements and regulations from the UK government

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