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Welcome to the A1 Care online recruitment platform

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At A1 Care we aim for the perfect match, between care worker and client. It takes a lot of understanding from both sides for a relationship to truly create a partnership that works. That's why, before we even think about matching a client with a candidate, we examine and screen your care worker qualifications and long-term goals, learning what kind of work environment you prefer, and the kind of personality you have. Only then can we produce optimum results in every aspect of the placement process. We invite you to join A1 Care to make a difference in individuals' lives.

If you are looking for a job in the care industry you have come to the right place!

The intention of this webpage is to support you with your work application and help you become a part of the health care company A1 Care. Here you provide your CV and documents. Before you freely apply please see if you meet the requirement needed. We truly appreciate the time you invest in your application, and hope to have you as part of our company. Whether it's a part-time or full-time vacancy.
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We genuinely believe that great people make great companies. We are shaping health care talents who are willing to embrace the care industry and providing a high end, person-centered care service to people who want to remain independent at home. - Registered manager
The A1 Care's success derives from matching qualified candidates with our healthcare employment opportunities. Knowledge is power and understanding the needs of both you as a candidate and our clients' needs to make sure we all meet our goals – to provide the perfect solutions for you as an employee and the best care for our clients. Whether you require temporary or permanent work, we are flexible and committed, ready to help you deliver outstanding service for which we aim at all levels. - HR Officer
I have worked with A1 Care for a year now. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time so far and love working with all the staff. I feel very supported throughout my role. Couldn’t ask for friendlier staff." - Health Care Worker
Just a little something to say thank you very much for your very kind and professional care over these last few difficult months." - Client

If you would like more information, and you have not found the information here, please go to our website A1Care UK or look us up on Facebook A1Care UK , Twitter A1Care UK , LinkedIn A1Care UK